Sustainability is on the table

Cultured meat is one of the many measures that could help the planet not to enter a spiral of self-destruction” they point out in the article of El Confidencial, analyzing the proposals that Bill Gates proposes in his book “How to avoid a climate disaster“.

This type of meat, produced in bioreactors and without animal slaughter, is turning a corner in the industry that could not only put an end to animal slaughter for meat production, but also give a significant respite to the climate and the planet.

The science behind lab-grown meat is relatively simple. The process starts with an animal cell that is multiplied in the laboratory, inside bioreactors, until a cell line is obtained.

This first cell can be obtained from a live animal (via a biopsy), from a piece of fresh meat or from plant-based protein cell banks; it can even come from stem cells. Stem cells have an advantage: with the help of nutrients or genetic modifications, they can mature into any type of cell (muscle, bone, etc.).

Moreover, in principle, these stem cells have unlimited longevity, so they could be used for many years to obtain a product. Once a good cell line is obtained, for example, one that tastes good and grows fast, that sample is introduced into the bioreactor, a culture vessel with the appropriate medium.

BDI biotech is committed to these new lines of research, generating recombinant growth factors that help in the lab grown meat. One of the projects in which we collaborate with other biotechnology companies, is the Culturedmeat project.

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