Successful projects

We have successfully developed biotransformation processes for the valorisation of industrial by-products from different industries. We have valorised spent grain and yeast from brewery industries obtaining extracts or flavourings; some vegetable byproducts (oat, lucerne, okara, tomato and DDGs from bioethanol production facilities) as protein or fibre-enriched additives; or sucrose as FOS and probiotics.

Valorisation of Industrial Byproducts

Industrial Enzymes Overexpression

We have run a broad catalogue of projects focused on the overexpression and use of proteases, lipases, nucleases or carbohydrate-active enzymes for degradation or polymerization of starch, fibre (cellulose and hemicellulose) and oligosaccharides (FOS, MOS, lactose). We have reduced the production cost of several processes like lignocellulosic material degradation or probiotic productions using enzymes or microorganisms. For ingredients extraction from vegetal materials through enzymatic processes.

We have optimized fermentation conditions for different microorganisms to obtain Cell biomass with different applications such as biofertilizers or biostimulants, probiotics strains, yeast fermentation for flavourings production or microalgae production for food added-value products

Biomass Production

We have managed more than 500M€ in successful R&D projects


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