Successful projects

We have managed a broad catalogue of projects focused on the overexpression and use of proteases, lipases, nucleases or carbohydrate active enzymes for degradation or polymerization of starch, fiber (cellulose and hemicellulose), oligosacarides (FOS, MOS, lactose) and so on

Specialty Enzymes Overexpression

Production Pocesses Improvement

We have reduced the production cost of several processes like lignocellulosic material degradation or probiotic productions using enzymes or microorganisms. We have also increased yields of other processes like we have demonstrated for biofertilizers or yeast propagations and fermentations

We have applied biotechnological solutions to generate new breverages, extracts, flavorings, thickeners and others functional ingredients like prebiotics and probiotics

New or Improved Products

Valorization Industrial Byproducts

For example in brewery industries, we have transformed residues (like saved grain and spent yeast) in new added value ingredients. Similarly DDGs of bioethanol production facilities, or tomato processing residues, could be valorized as protein or fiber-enriched byproducts