CDMO services are focused on the production of recombinant proteins, vitamins or biomass in a cost-effective and fully customized way for the cosmetic, food and agricultural industries. 

Since we are a customer-focused CDMO, we adapt to your needs. Our scientists can develop and release your products of interest in time and within a set budget. 

Strain Development

We provide services and tools to express industrial enzymes or for protein production in a wide range of microbial expression systems such as yeast (Pichia, Saccharomyces), fungi (Trichoderma, Aspergillus) or bacteria (E. coli, Bacillus, etc.). 

We have developed an efficient molecular biology toolkit to improve protein expression and stability, that is now available for our clients. 

BioProcess Development & Scale Up

We are experts in bioprocesses optimization (Bioproduction, Purification & Application), Scale up and their techno-economical evaluations. 

We have reduced the production cost of several processes by optimizing and fine-tuning the production process or have increased yields by improving fermentation conditions or by working on the downstream optimization. If you are thinking of going further, we can help you 

Contract Productions

If you are looking for a production capacity for your batches, we can offer our knowledge, food-grade installations (EU and US authorities approved) and operation structure to you. 

We offer very high production flexibility, making possible the production of batches at different fermentation volumes, with a high ability to adapt to the method transferred by the client and always meeting the agreed deadlines. 


BDI biotech has achieved and offers the development and set up of biotransformation processes for the valorization of industrial by-products from different industries into beverage, food and feed ingredients, contributing this way to the circular economy. 

BDI biotech has successfully valorised various industrial by-products. These include by-products from the food industry and agriculture.

We offer the development and implementation of biotransformation processes to convert your by-products into beverages, food or feed, thus contributing to the circular economy.

Project Evaluations

We are experts in projects evaluation through our multiangle perspective (technical, economic, sustainability, engineering, etc.) to translate from lab scale to reality. 

Our team has extensive industry expertise in the design and operation of large-scale enzyme fermentation plant (up to 500 m³), so we can help with the design of your facility. 

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