BDI biotech services achieve the techno-economical feasibility of your project using biotechnology for agro-industrial, food and cosmetic sector

Since we focus on manufacturing for third-party clients, we do not maintain our own product catalog. Our expertise lies in assisting our clients in the development of various customized services:

Strain Development and Improvement

Natural strains sometimes overproduce significant levels of biomass or proteins of interest. However, they must be initially cultured, maintained and characterized. In these activities we can help you. 

On the other hand, there are well recognized microbial hosts that are perfect for producing your protein of interest and we can advise you on which one to choose among all the existing possibilities. Let us to suggest you the most interesting one and to carry out a proof-of-concept study or evolution program to increase the product yields. 

All in all, we provide services and tools to express your protein of interest in a wide range of microbial expression systems such as:

Fungal plate

Fungal Platforms

Like Trichoderma or Aspergillus
Yeast strain


Like Saccharomyces or Pichia
E. coli strain


Like E. coli or Bacillus

Bioprocess Development & Scale Up

Bioprocesses are those biotechnological process that involves the production, recovery and purification of microorganisms or the product of interest produced by them. At BDI biotech we will help you to jump from the microplate or flask scale to fermeter scale in order to reach a Standard Operating Procedure for the commercial manufacturing.  Introducing Techno-economic evaluations we can create value for your technology development and give you a perspective of the overall cost at different production scales.

No matter if you are establishing a new process, needing yield improvements, scaling up to a new facility or scaling down to evaluate an already existing one, we are the company you are looking for.

Our multiangle perspective (technical, economical, sustainable, engineering, …) and industrial background enables us to translate biotechnological ideas  from lab scale to reality.

bioreactor project

Contract Productions

We have a ready to use and adaptable facilities, with different fermentation volumes and downstream configurations to absorb your immediate batches demand meeting the agreed deadlines.

For most of the products that requires a multi cubic meter scale we will only be useful for the development and initial proof of concept batches for efficacy or customer testing. However, there are other specialty products that perfectly fit.

At BDI biotech, we are committed to scientific excellence, quality and customer satisfaction. We handle every project with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. Our cost competitiveness, flexibility and adaptability allow us to be selected as your preferred manufacturer.

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