Services for Industrial Applications

BDI biotech provides biotechnological solutions to bring ideas from bench to reality for industrial applications

Our company is positioned as a leader in the application of biotechnology, leveraging its potential to revolutionize the industry. BDI biotech focuses its efforts on two main ideas: protein like enzymes overproduction and microorganism production.

Biopolymers production

Employing microbial fermentation, BDI biotech is able to produce biopolymers. This innovative idea allows the controlled and sustainable synthesis of polymeric materials from renewable biological sources. In fact, biopolymers production not only represents a scientific breakthrough, also illustrates how the practical application of biotechnology can be translated into concrete solutions. This intersection between biotechnology and practical application underscores how science can be transformed into tangible results. Actually, our commitment extends beyond theory, driving us to translate these visions into realities.

Protein overexpression for industrial applications

The integration of proteins in industry triggers a series of breakthroughs that revolutionize processes and results. BDI biotech stands out in this field, assuming a fundamental role in cutting-edge projects focused on the overproduction and application of proteins like enzymes.


What we do

A concrete example lies in our expertise in the polymerization and depolymerization of vital components such as starch, fiber (cellulose and hemicellulose) and oligosaccharides (FOS, MOS, lactose).
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How we do it

BDI biotech has produced proteases, lipases, nucleases, and carbohydrate-active enzymes that work as precise catalysts optimizing the degradation of those components and allowing the generation of high-value products.

Why we do it

The use of enzymes in industry drives innumerable benefits, from reducing production costs to improving process efficiency. Since they are able to operate under mild and specific conditions, they are a pathway to sustainability and profitability, minimizing environmental impact and increasing reaction selectivity.

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