Services for the Food Sector

BDI biotech provides biotechnological solutions to bring ideas from bench to reality in food applications

At BDI biotech, we are committed to innovation and excellence in biotechnology applied to the food sector. Over the years, we have worked hard to establish a strong presence in this sector, focusing on four key ideas.

Recombinant Protein Production

Tap into our wealth of experience spanning a wide spectrum of microbial hosts, from bacteria like Bacillus and E. coli, yeasts like Saccharomyces or Pichia, to filamentous fungi such as Trichoderma, Aspergillus, etc.

Whether you’re focused on strain enhancement, fermentation optimization, or efficient batch production, our tailored solutions stand ready to propel your goals to fruition. We have accumulated a strong catalogue of molecular tools (base strains, plasmids, promoters, signal sequences, etc.) to design and construct microbial factories. Our process development capabilities will establish and optimize the best upstream and downstream configuration and conditions. With our flexible manufacturing capabilities we are ready to overproduce your product of interest.

Our extensive track record encompasses a wide range of sectors, highlighting our proficiency in working with dairy proteins, developing innovative meat substitutes, and specializing in various enzymes designed for diverse food applications. These enzymes include lactase, essential for lactose hydrolysis; proteases, crucial for protein breakdown; carbohydrate active enzymes, pivotal for carbohydrate modification; lipases, playing a pivotal role in lipid metabolism; and a host of other specialized enzymatic solutions. This expertise underlines our dedication to delivering advanced and tailored solutions that cater to the dynamic and evolving needs of the food industry.

Probiotic Production

In a world where health and well-being take center stage, probiotics have emerged as a pivotal topic in the realm of food and nutrition. These living microorganisms, renowned for their health benefits to the gut, have gained recognition as potent allies in maintaining digestive balance and bolstering the immune system.

Our experience in the probiotic field includes the isolation and domestication of natural strains, optimization the fermentation and downstream conditions developing the whole manufacturing process of a broad range of live microorganisms.

BDI biotech has been involved in different applications of probiotics in the food sector are the enrichment of foods such as fermented dairy products, fermented beverages like kombucha or some types of honored products. They are also gaining importance in the supplementation and baby food fields, due to their ability to improve intestinal health. Similarly, probiotics are also used in the production of animal feed.

As an R&D team, we specialize in the efficient and high-quality generation of the biomass needed to the following steps. We do not have our own catalogue of products since BDI biotech develops and overproduces for third parties non-commoditized but their branded specialty products.

Production of other Biocompounds

BDI biotech is a benchmark in the production of high quality bioproducts extending our expertise beyond proteins.

Our approach in this area involves a meticulous process ranging from the precise selection of microbial strains to the optimization of culture conditions and the efficient extraction of desired compounds. We employ state-of-the-art technologies and precision fermentation protocols to grow microorganisms and guide the production of bioproducts in a controlled environment. Our highly trained team closely monitors each step of the process to ensure the yield, quality and purity of the resulting bioproducts.

Among in our track record projects are the cultured oils (DHA, microbial oil, etc), oligosaccharides, vitamins or additives like Xanthan Gum, organic acids, antioxidants, etc. which plays an essential role in various applications. These examples are just a sample of BDI biotech’s commitment to apply biotechnology solutions meeting the most stringent quality standards or reaching technoechonomical feasibility of new product and processes. If you are looking for those advanced and sustainable biotechnological solutions, our experience and focus on quality and innovation is what makes the difference.

Product Valorization using Biotechnology

BDI biotech stands out for its unwavering commitment to the valorization of products through the application of biotechnology using microorganism or enzymes. Through an innovative approach, we have directed our efforts to various initiatives that transform by-products and unconventional sources into high value-added products.

Microorganism or enzymes serve as remarkable catalysts, delivering precise, selective and efficient transformations. These exceptional properties enable us to revolutionize traditional treatment methodologies, shifting towards resource recovery from wastes and side streams an embodiment of the circular bioeconomy principle.

At BDI biotech, we’ve pioneered the conversion of agricultural, industrial, and food by-products, such as grains, spent yeast, tomatoes, potatoes, and okara, into products boasting an extraordinary value-added profile brimming with fiber and proteins. This accomplishment underscores our prowess in harnessing natural resources.

The utilization of enzymes (such as cellulases and proteases) and microorganisms (including probiotics and fermenting yeasts) exemplifies our versatility in deploying biotechnological tools to champion sustainability while generating impactful solutions within the industry. With a holistic and progressive approach, we epitomize innovation in the quest for sustainable and economically viable resolutions.

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