Services for Cosmetics Sector

BDI biotech provides biotechnological services and solutions to bring ideas from bench to reality in the cosmetic sector 

Protein Manufacturing and Probiotics Production are the 2 mean ideas that BDI biotech develops for Cosmetic Companies

Protein and Bioproducts in Cosmetic Sector

We are proud to highlight our contribution to cosmetic products. For example, we have developed proteins, like enzymes, that impacted significally on the improvement of creams. Beyond that, we have also produce natural pigments, but also a wide array of other valuable bioproducts

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Our main focus is to develop enzymes and other proteins for Cosmetic applications for meeting consumer demands. In addition, we drive excellence into the industry. Through rigorous research and continuous development, we have been able to produce many enzymes for the improvement of creams and make up formulations.
bioproducts for cosmetics


We have experience extracting pigments like lycopene from vegetable sources. As a result, our innovation not only transforms industries but also contributes to a more sustainable future.

Probiotics Generation for Cosmetics

Probiotics are not only used in the food sector. In the context of our services in cosmetics, it is known that probiotics and prebiotics can play a crucial role in the cosmetics domain. Their balancing properties can be used to maintain the balance of the skin microbiota, resulting in a innovative ingredient to add to cosmetic products. 

We’re dedicated to bring new formulations that stand at the intersection of science and beauty. Taking advantage of our first class facilities, we’re shaping the future of cosmetics with microbial-based solutions that aligns to the evolving needs of modern consumers.

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