We are a multidisciplinary team of almost 48 people, including laboratory technicians, biochemists, biologist, biotechnologists, chemical and process engineers (over 50 % PhD) that operates our 2200sqm facility specifically designed for the development of biotechnological projects in the Cosmetic, Agroindustrial and Food sectors

Molecular Biology & Microbiology Lab

We have acquired and developed an extensive toolkit to improve and increase the protein expression levels and stability of most recombinant proteins and enzymes.

We offer to our client multiple expression platforms (bacteria, yeasts and fungi) and the know-how, techniques and equipment needed for the development of high-expressing strains. We are very positive we can find a tailored solution for your needs, as challenging as they seem.

Upstream Fermentation
Fermentation Process

Process Dev. & Scale-up Pilot Plant

We can help you to reduce your production costs by improving your fermentation conditions, optimizing your culture media and helping you to scale-up efficiently your process.

To be able to achive this goal efficiently we have different fermentation scales, from small flasks to stirrer reactors, some 1L bioreactors, 5L, 10L, several 30L, a 100L and one 500L, all of them fully monitored.

Downstream Processing Pilot Plant

We offer a range of operation such as centrifugation, tangential flow filtration using different membranes or chromatography, for the biomass recovery or purification of your enzyme or protein of interest.

These different single operation units can be combined to maximize the recovery yield and to define an efficient downstream process, that can be easily translated from pilot to industrial scale.

probiotic batches
Microbial Upstream

Analytical Labs

We have a broad range of techniques available for the physic-chemical characterization of recombinant proteins, in-process controls set up, enzyme activity measurements, protein and fibre characterization...

We also have a strong network of collaborations with highly specialized analytic laboratories available for our clients if more specific tests are required.


Bring your ideas from bench to reality

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