Our facilities are specifically designed for the development of biotechnological projects in Nutraceuticals and Cosmetic sector

We are a multidisciplinary team of more than 60 people, including biochemists, biologists, biotechnologists, lab technicians, chemical and process engineers that operates two different buildings located in Boecillo Technological Park (Valladolid, Spain) with more than 4550 m². 

Our Manufacturing Scales

Flexible production suites with stainless-steel and single-use bioreactors. We ensure the highest level of quality at every step.

ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016

For Research Grade Production with 100-500L reactors.


Two lines for GMP Production up to 200L and up to 2000L

Upstream Pilot Plant for Bioprocess Development and Scale-up

We are here to help you reduce your production costs by improving your fermentation conditions, optimizing your culture media and helping you to scale-up your process efficiently. This goal is achieved thanks to our advanced infrastructures, fully monitored and controlled remotely 24 hours a day to facilitate preventive maintenance and early detection of drawbacks.

Microbial Biomass production BDI biotech

1 and 5L scale bioreactors

30L scale bioreactors

100L scale bioreactors

Downstream Pilot Plant for Bioprocess Development

Our facilities include lab and bench scale equipment to optimize the purifcation of your protein or biomolecule.  We cover the vast majority of purification processes to ensure scalability, efficiency and quality. Combining different processes we maximize your recovery yield and create an efficient downstream process. Then, this process can be easily transer to industrial scale.


Batch and Continuous Centrifuges


Depth, Press or Tangential Flow Filtrations from micro- to ultra-filtrations.

Cell Rupturing

For High Pressure Homogenization


Different Scale Liquid Chromatography

Molecular Biology & Microbiology Labs

We have acquired and developed an extensive molecular toolkit. In other words, we have several base strains, plasmids, promoters, signal sequences free of IP that are used in projects with our clients to improve and increase expression levels and stability of most recombinant proteins and enzymes. Multiple microbial expression platforms (bacteria, yeasts, and fungi) are available for our clients. We can find a tailored solution for your needs, as challenging as it may seem.

In our state-of-the-art infrastructure we have specialized equipment for small-scale cultivation of natural and GMO strains. Incubators and orbital shakers, microscopes, biosafety cabinets, etc. allow us to discover strains with promising properties in commercial application.

Analytical Labs

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to accommodate your research needs, ensuring precision and efficiency in every endeavor.  In situations where the development of the analytical method might present challenges, we are proud to emphasize our robust network of extensive collaborations. This dynamic network ensures that we consistently deliver comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

We have a broad range of equipment available to follow up fermentation and purification processes. For example, thermal cyclers for PCR or qPCR, bioanalyzers, spectrophotometers, plate readers, gel docs, electrophoresis, HPLC, UPLC with or without MS, among other auxiliary equipment like analytical scales, ovens, pH meters, conductometers, Titrators, Viscosimeter or Centrifuges.

Any upcoming project? Contact our team and let’s explore possible ways of collaboration