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BDI biotech provides biotechnological solutions to bring ideas from bench to reality for applications in agriculture

Embrace the future of agriculture with us. We help you produce novel microbial-driven components and products, ranging from biofertilizers to potent biopesticides and transformative biostimulants.

"Domestication" of Natural Strains for Agricultural Purposes

BDI biotech has been at the forefront in the field of biofertilizers and biostimulants for agriculture, for example with the production of cyanobacteria or fungal strains like Azotobacter or Azospirillum cell biomass. Actually, BDI biotech follows a strategy that involves the selection and manipulation of natural microorganisms to enhance their characteristics. This process has different steps:

Identification of microorganisms

Some microorganisms have valuable properties for a given purpose. In the agricultural context, this could be the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen or improve soil nutrient availability. Moreover, other examples would be protecting plants against pathogens or even promoting root growth.

Production Process Establishment

This involves cultivating and propagating the microorganisms in controlled conditions, such as bioreactors. This ensures their purity and viability. In addition, optimal conditions of growth, nutrients and environmental regulation must also be established to maximize production. As well as, it is important to consider the scale of production required to meet agricultural demand.

Optimization of the production process

Optimization of the production process seeks to improve yields and efficiency, which can be crucial to make the process economically viable. This involves the application of biotechnology and bioprocessing strategies to increase growth rate, production of beneficial metabolites or resistance to adverse conditions.

Microbial Biomass production BDI biotech

Microbial biomass production for Agricultural Applications

BDI biotech showcases profound proficiency in fine-tuning and producing microbial biomass utilized as fertilizers, biostimulants, or biocides for agricultural initiatives. This allows us to be a leader in the field of precision fermentation, especially when applied to sustainable agriculture.

Whether it’s for process development or specific and immediate requirements, we also provide access to our set of bioreactors and downstream equipment, capable of scaling up to 500L. Additionally, our operational framework is at your disposal to produce materials for your customer tests or to validate the efficacy of proof-of-concept initiatives.

Production of Recombinant Proteins or other Agricultural Bioproducts

BDI biotech stands as your dedicated partner, offering specialized services for the development and production of recombinant proteins and bioproducts, expanding beyond the scope of whole biomass or organism production. Drawing from our extensive experience with diverse microbial hosts – ranging from bacteria (like Bacillus and E. coli) to yeasts (such as Saccharomyces or Pichia) and even filamentous fungi (like Trichoderma or Aspergillus) – we provide tailored solutions to amplify your goals.

Our proven track record in the agricultural sector includes the production of plant proteins, plant signaling, and enzymes for the generation and modification of biocides or fertilizers, among others. This depth of expertise underscores our commitment to providing advanced, tailored solutions that seamlessly align with the dynamic and evolving requirements of the food industry. We can help you in:

Strain Design and Improvement

We use molecular tools such as base strains, plasmids, promoters and signal sequences. With this, we design and build customized microbial factories. These tools enable us to design highly efficient systems for the production of recombinant proteins and bioproducts, tailored to your specific requirements.

Process Development

Some microorganisms have valuable properties for a given purpose. In the agricultural context, this could be the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, improve soil nutrient availability, protect plants against pathogens or even promote root growth.


We have adaptable manufacturing capabilities to carry out large-scale production of your desired products with precision and efficiency. Whether it's scaling up production volumes or adapting to evolving needs, we have the flexibility and expertise to deliver consistent, high-quality results

Quality Control

Our highly competent team closely monitors each stage of the process. Consequently, yield, quality and purity of the resulting bioproducts are ensured. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every step aligns seamlessly to deliver bioproducts that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Translation to Economic KPIs

We transform experimental results into concrete economic values, expressed in euros or dollars per year. Indeed, that will ultimately be your main KPIs. Our objetive is to ensures that your investment is tangible and the process is economically-viable at industrial scale.

Revalorization of Agricultural By-products

For BDI biotech, fostering the circular economy is a key priority. This is reflected in our ongoing commitment to the revalorization of agricultural waste like fruit and vegetable peels, non-commercial crop residues, unusable crop residues, animal manure, etc. for the creation of new high-value products.

In collaboration with partners from the agricultural industry, we develop innovative technologies that allow us to transform by means enzymatic hydrolysis or microbial fermentation, for example, fruit and vegetable peels into functional extracts and products useful as fiber or protein extracts. These by-products, which previously might have been discarded, are now efficiently harnessed to create valuable solutions.

By transforming waste into useful resources, we not only generate economic value, but also contribute to the sustainable life cycle of materials and the development of a more circular economy.

Agricultural Valorization Industrial Byproducts

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