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BDI biotech provides biotechnological solutions to move ideas from bench to reality

We are a Spanish company specialized in bringing ideas from bench to reality, working as an R&D department focused in strain and bioprocess development, scale-up and batches production.

BDI biotech is...

Supplying services globally, our company is specialized in bringing ideas from bench to reality through biotechnology. Since our foundation, we have participated in more than 200 projects, highlighting the development and production of recombinant proteins as well as cell biomass. Our services address the most pressing challenges applying biotechnology in Agriculture, Food, Industry and Cosmetics.

Talking your Language

We are more than scientists, we are translators transforming lab experiments into business plan insights converting mg/l to €/year. If you have an idea and need technical knowledge to put it into practice, we are here to help you.

First Class Facilities

With more than 4550 m², our facilities have been specifically designed to provide these kinds of services including multiple labs for Analysis, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Fermentation, Purification and Manufacturing.

Experienced Team

Our 20 years’ experience allows us to create and deliver solutions that enhance the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of our customers and their products.

Best Outsourcing Option

Do not invest in expensive equipment and personnel, take advantage of our ready-to-use facilities engaging our team as part of your internal R&D team. That the best way to provide a quick turnaround to meet your deadlines with a focus on results.


We are able to adapt to what you really need. For this we always maintain a fluid communication, listening to each of the needs of our customers and creating value through projects accordingly.

Mission and Vision

Making your projects a reality is our driven force. We are passionate about biotechnology and our vocation for service contributing to global well-being through innovation, commitment to excellence, and sustainability. This is a philosophy that we apply to all our projects. Our ability to adapt to new projects, knowledge, experience and techno-economic assessment allow this philosophy to be applied in numerous fields and projects. 

about BDI biotech experience

Bringing Ideas from Bench to Reality for the Food, Industrial, Agro and Cosmetic Sectors through Biotechnology

Since 2016 BDI biotech has been growing and achieving its goals. We are still focus on the sophistication of our services to serve the most demanding clients in order to transform its ideas into a reality.


BDI biotech was born with the motivation to help other start-ups and multinational companies to develop ideas from bench to commercial reality.

Less than 10 employees.

Valorization Project

In the LIFE YEAST project, BDI biotech participated as coordinator revaluing brewery industry wastes.

More than 10 employees.

Growing in Scale and Quality

Thanks to the expansion of our laboratory and pilot facilities with the 100L bioreactor, we were able to start collaborating with renowned leading agro-industrial, food, and cosmetic brand.

More than 20 employees.

500L Reactor Acquisition

With the introduction of that new 500L bioreactor, the R&D and manufacturing capabilities were significantly expanded. This milestone also marks the launch of our business unit, BDI biotech, aimed at providing specialized services in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors.

More than 30 employees.

First Cosmetic Project

Even during Covid, the company still growth is sales, team, and capabilities. BDI biotech breaks into the Cosmetic sector reaching more than 130,000.00€.

At that date the company had managed more than 100 projects and counted more than 40 employees.


BDI biotech took a bold step into the future by undertaking a first expansion. This exciting initiative allowed us to further elevate the quality and breadth of our services, providing you with more comprehensive and competent solutions than ever before.

More than 50 empoyees.

Second Expansion

The company is being certified under ISO 14001 confirming its compromise with the environmental management. New building in the same technological park was inaugurated, in total more than 4500m2 of facilities specifically designed.

The company finishes the year with more than 60 employees.


BDI biotech started operations in its new building designed to provide a better analytical service, meeting the demand of our customers and awaiting for new projects to come.

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