About Us

We provide biotechnological services and solutions to bring ideas from bench to reality. 

BDI biotech is a Spanish CDMO specialized in bring ideas from bench to reality. We work for the food, agricultural, cosmetic and fashion sectors as an external R&D department specialized in strain and bioprocess development, scale-up and regular production. During the entire project we always assure high flexibility and open communication.

Who We Are

We are a global company specialized in bringing ideas from bench to reality through biotechnology. We provide a broad portfolio of differentiated services backed by our established R&D track record, having managed more than 500M€ in R&D projects. Agriculture, food industry and cosmetics are our main services areas.
Our clients and their needs always come first. We have more than 15 years’ experience creating solutions that enhance the performance of our customers and their products. Our solutions, expertise and support can help you improve your performance to be more efficient, effective and greener. Making your projects a reality is our driven force. We are passionate about biotechnology and our vocation for service. This is a philosophy that we apply to all our projects and that is why more than 95% of biological products in our hands have improved their production and recovery yields.

First Class Facilities

Do not invest in expensive equipment, take advantage of our ready-to-use facilities!  Our company offers a 360º vision, which allows the development of innovative projects in the biotechnological field from the idea phase to industrial scale-up. 

With more than 2500 m² of facilities, we have multiple labs for Quality Control and strain development, pilot plants for production and purification and bioreactors up to 500 L. Our laboratories and pilot plants are in-house for maximum efficiency during scale-up.

Experienced Team

Our driving force is based on our human team, with close to 50 employees. We bring together more than 15 years of experience with a unique view to speed-up product development on budget and on time.

We are passionate about biotechnology and our vocation for service. We give the best of ourselves providing the services you really need. We work with passion, transparency and responsibility to achieve objectives together, efficiently and safely. Under these principles we have developed numerous projects and managed 500M€ in the fields of food, agriculture and cosmetics.

Best Outsourcing Option

We combine an efficient and fast way of working with 100% customizable services. You can rely on us to support your internal R&D team or develop your bioprocess. Our services offer several advantages including low production cost and the fact that more than 95% of the biological products in our hands have improved their production and/or recovery yields. In addition, we have clear services that provide a quick turnaround to meet your deadlines with a focus on quality and results. We follow Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and we are ISO 9001 AND iso 14001 certified.

Talking Your Language

We are more than scientist, we are translators. We can understand your ideas and bring them to reality, transforming lab experiments and simple thoughts into real projects, converting mg/l to €/year.

. If you have an idea and need technical knowledge to put it into practice, we are here to help you. We can offer you the biotechnological services you really need and lend you all our knowledge and experience. We can guide you through the entire journey of developing a product for agricultural, food or cosmetic use.


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