BDI biotech is your partner to bring the benefits of the biotechnology into your current production processes

The company works as an external R&D department specialized in strain selection & improvement, biotech process development, and scale-up, for both production of recombinant proteins or applications of microorganisms and bioproducts obtained from them

If you need to boost your R&D capacities, we can help you to achieve your goals in time, maintaining quality and cost. All our services are customized.

BDI biotech provides solutions and services for Cosmetic, Agroindustrial and Food fields to bring ideas from bench to reality in 2 main areas:

Microbial biotechnology for the development and scale-up of processes using microbes as cell factories

Biotechnological process development for industrial by-products valorization, and its application as beverage, food and feed ingredients

Biotechnology Development for Industry Focus on:

flavorings enzyme

Food biotechnology

Enzyme cosmetic