From bench to reality

We apply the benefits of biotechnology into your current production processes, optimizing efficiency and innovation

Different Biotech Services for Different Needs

We can help you achieve your objectives on time, while maintaining quality and cost. All our services are customized.


We are experts producing microbial-based products and probiotics in order to help our clients create a tastier and nutritious food.


Bringing microbial and biotechnological solutions to agriculture to create and produce biocides, fertilizers and much more!


We can help you with the development of new components or cosmetics products, but also producing existing compounds.

BDI biotech, the biotech company you need

We are specialists in making your projects a reality. We are driven by our passion for biotechnology and our clients and their needs come first. Under these principles we have developed numerous projects and managed 500M€ in the fields of food, agriculture and cosmetics having improved production and recovery yields by 95%

Talking Your Language

We can understand your ideas and bring them to reality, transforming lab experiments and simple thoughts into real projects.

Best Outsourcing Option

Do not invest in expensive equipment, take advantage of our ready-to-use facilities! You can rely on us to support your bioproject.

Experienced Team

We bring together more than 15 years of experience with a unique view to speed up product development within budget and on time.

We Help You Achieve Your Goals With Success

Our way of business is bringing the benefits of biotechnology into your current production processes.

We have been successful in a wide variety of projects in the food, agriculture and cosmetic sectors. We have managed more than 500M€ in successful R&D projects related to probiotics, bioethanol, dairy proteins, revalorization of by-products among others.

Our Biotech Services

Services focused on the production of recombinant proteins, vitamins or biomass in a cost-effective and fully customized way for the cosmetic, food and agricultural industries.

Strain Development

We will help you optimize your bioprocess ensuring a robust and cost-effective scale-up, both upstream and downstream.

Contract Productions

We offer a wide range of manufacturing capacities for your biomass, proteins, vitamins, probiotics, bioethanol and other compounds.


We can transform your industrial by-products into beverage, food and feed ingredients contributing this way to the circular economy.

Project Evaluations

A multiangle perspective (technical, economic, sustainability, engineering, etc.) to translate your vision from lab scale to reality.

Any upcoming project? Contact our team and let’s explore possible ways of collaboration


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