Who we are?

We are a biotechnological company applying immunotherapeutic solutions addressing unmet medical needs in the main veterinarian and human markets

  • BDi Health owns an antigen display technology with a strong potential to boost and direct specific immune responses, humoral or cellular already validated in two in-vivo proof of concepts

  • We have our own product portfolio derived from our patented technology; but also we are licensing technology in the animal field to industrial end-users that are able to support the development and market the products

The VLP Technology

Our technology is a patented and proprietary antigen-display nanoplatform based on Virus-Like Particles (VLPs). These are empty and non infectious structures mimicking real viruses and then capable to induce strong immune responses. We are able to incorporate pathology-associated antigens into VLPs generating chimeric nanoparticles (Ch-VLPs) that can be designed to specifically induce either humoral or cellular responses.

Advantages of VLPbio technology:


VLPs mimic real viruses but they are not infectious avoiding the issues related to pathogen inactivation and simplifying vaccines security tests

Compilance (DIVA)

High flexibility

Vaccines can be constituted by a formulation of different Ch-VLPs monocomponents displaying different antigens (cellular, humoral or both)

Low cost production

Syntetic Design

Possibility to design synthetic antigenic consensus sequences covering different pathogen strains

Co-development of diagnostic tests

Our Products

BDI Products


Prophylactic vaccine against porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome.


Circovirus y BDV


Propietary therapeutic Vaccine against Cervical Intrauterine Neoplastia based on
Q-VLP propietary technology

BDI Products

We offer customized solutions contact us to discuss your project