Who we are?

BDI Health

We are a biotechnological company witch strong CRM capacities, offering services as product expression under different platforms, up-stream and downstream process development, scale up and contract manufacturing; having experience with different expression platforms.



Product development

We provide services and tools to express your products in our expression systems: yeast, fungi or bacteria


Process development

We are expert in fermentation optimization and providing solutions for product purification, if you are thinking of go further, may we can help you


Scale up and CMO

Our installations and knowledge can help you to scale up your upstream and downstream processes.

If you are looking production capacity for your regulatory batches, we can offer our installation and operation structure to you.


Analytical services

We provide reliable and relevant competencies and methods to monitor your process.


BDI benefits from the experience of a multidisciplinary team that comprises researchers, doctors, engineers and business development experts that understand management of R&D as a business with a unique view for speed-up and de-risk the product development.

This team is expert in different expression systems and with strong knowledge in process development and optimization so we can offer specialized and highly customized services to veterinarian and pharmaceutical companies.






We offer fermentation capacity in different scales, from 1L to 100L, with agitated fermenters, with high OTR and completely automatized


We can perform the purification of your product from different volumes of broth, up to 100L by centrifugation, tangential flow filtration with different membranes and chromatography

We offer customized solutions contact us to discuss your project